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Monday, September 26, 2011

Jenny's Crappy Craft Segment

One of my cake plate creations
It's time, once again, for Jen to show you one of her crappy crafts (I'm not too crafty, in case you haven't heard)!

Actually, I  really think this idea is pretty, and of course, easy!
Only 3 items needed

All you need is a pretty candlestick (must be pretty weighty, and preferably vintage), a vintage porcelain plate, and some glass glue (I use Glass Metal & More).


Make sure the bottom of the plate is clean, and the same with the top of the candlestick.  But a glob of glue in the center of the plate and also on the top of the candlestick (not too much or you'll have a gloppy mess). I take a paper towel and dab around the edges to be sure there's not a bunch of blue all over the plate.

I chose this beautiful blue candlestick and vintage Bavarian plate

Press the two pieces together lightly.  It may seem like there's no way that this is going to stay glued, but check it in 24 hours, and you'll see, it is solidly in place!  I have a few that I made a few years ago, and they're as good as new!  In fact, I've sold a few of these!

Look what I made!

I used this smaller Bavarian plate, since it had the perfect matching blue as the candlestick!  This would be great for a wedding stacked with petit fours!

Happy Crafting!


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