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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I've Been Doing On My Summer Vacation

Hope everyone has been enjoying summer! I certainly have!

Must show you a picture of our backyard pet, Mr. Groundhog! Isn't he adorable!? He wanders around our backyard eating our grass and weeds (there are plenty of those!).

I've been busy with my Etsy shops also, if you have a chance, check out http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ mention "blog" during checkout and I will give you 10% off your order!

We just returned from our usual vacation spot, Cocoa Beach, Florida, and we had a great time! It just takes awhile to get caught up with everything-and I'm finally almost to that point! We were lucky to have our older daughter, Lindsey come along as well, with her cute cute puppy, Cosmo! Of course, our other two children were there too, Mark and Katherine! We had plenty of pool and beach time, and I went on a couple of runs with Katherine, so I could at least have some sort of exercise, since we were eating our way through Cocoa Beach! The picture I included is of Lindsey, Katherine, Bob and Mark (yes, Lindsey is shorter than her 16 year old sister!).

Just to show how silly I am-I'm including a pic of Lindsey & I during what of our "photo shoots"! Yes-that is my funny attempt at modeling!!

And I can't forget a pic of my favorite grand-puppy Cosmo! I still haven't figured out how to put little notes at the bottom of each picture.

Best to all-


Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Vacation Time!

This is a quick blog on our last day here in Cocoa Beach, Florida! I hope to give you a full blog update next week with some pictures of our trip!

We left last Thursday and drove to Charlotte, NC, like we do every year at this time. It's about 1/2 to to our destination and we love Charlotte!

We arrived in Cocoa Beach Friday, and we've been having fun since! The weather has been perfect and we even have my older daughter, Lindsey, with us...and her adorable dog Cosmo (the long haired chihuahua-never sure if I spell that right!).

We found a couple of thrift shops and hopefully I'll have enough room for all that I bought! Yesterday we found the cutest area with all kinds of great shops! It was actually Lindsey that found this area because she was looking for a yarn shop! Right next to the yarn shop was a great antique shop....and I found some wonderful antiques theres!

I'm guessing I gained a few pounds as I usually do! We eat dinner out everynight and although I have run a couple of times with my daughter, Katherine, and I've been swimming and lifting weights, it's just not the same as my usual workouts! I can't wait to get back to yogilates, pilates...and my favorite-spin class!

But for now, I'll forget about that and enjoy my last full day of vacation!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

I've never been good at numbers

I actually do love numbers, and excel and all that! Well, it's August 2, 2009 and I just started thinking about my Mom, who happened to be my best friend and savior!

Back in 12/9/1991 I had by 2nd child. My son Mark. It had been some years since my 1st child, Lindsey, 6/83, but I knew when I had Lindsey that I wanted more children! Unfortunately it didn't work out quite the way I thought it would be with my first hubby..but not to worry!

I moved back to Westlake, OH from fabulous Denver, CO, with my darling little Lindsey, only around 5 yrs old, since my Mom and Dad were there. So I moved back here in 1989. I met Bob, my husband, at my Dad's company, and the rest is history! We had Mark in 12/91 and Katherine in 3/93. Double blessed! Especially since my Mom was here and came over here everyday to help me out and keep me from going insane! We had such fun-I guess I would say I got my zest for laughter and fun from my Mom for sure!

It was so unexpected when she suddenly passed August 9th 1994. But this blog is not about sadness, but about having fun! And that we did!

We laughed hysterically one day when we decided to chop carrots and celery in the food processor she brought over! We screamed as the veggies shot out of the top of that darn machine! We loved our coffee together right when Oprah came on too! My Mom was so untuitive, I swear she knew what was going to happen before it happened! That is one special person!

She raised 5 children and still had the passion to help me out! I will treasure that time for the rest of my life!

So think about what you are blessed with and be thankful and grateful!