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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Taylor Smith & Taylor Moulin Rouge

So you have an Etsy shop, now what!?  Do you wait and hope that someone will find your shop!?

I don't recommend that!

It's a lot of work to, not only run an Etsy shop (or another other online shop), but to get the visitors, and better than that, get the sales!

I joined twitter as a way to promote my latest listings.  http://www.twitter.com/jenscloset there you can find me chatting away with fun friends I have met there!

I try to add pictures to my flickr account once a week.  http://www.flickr/jenscloset not only pictures of my shop stuff, but another hobby I've really become passionate about, photographing fresh flowers!

Milk Glass Hobnail Vase

Then there's facebook, which I still don't like that much, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-and-antiques/135709633330 I also try to link a few new listings from my shop here about once a week.

And then there's my blog!  I ramble about all sorts of things, from personal, to Etsy shop information, and more!  I also have a "beauty blog" http://www.fabfortyandbeyond.blogspot.com/ since I'm a sucker for a good beauty product.

I won't even start on google, the king!  I'm still confused by so much of that!

Keep pluggin' away and good luck!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday I received a convo (if you're not familiar with Etsy lingo, that means conversation, kind of like an Etsy email), from a fellow vintage seller asking me where I store my Etsy items.  Here was my response:
Your house sounds like mine! The only safe place are the bathrooms!

It's everywhere, and I feel bad for my family! My sweet husband keeps building me more shelves, my living room (which used to be so neat) looks more like a store now!

He also built me lots of shelves in the garage to store all my boxes and packing material.

I do also keep a lot in boxes. I number the box, when I list something I will add that number to the listing (so when I sell it I will know what box it's in), and then also add it to a spreadsheet (so I have 2 sources for records).

I do try to keep like things together, such as my milk glass is grouped one 2-3 shelves, and my Pyrex is on several other shelves (and on my bedroom floor)!

I fear one of these days that the Hoarder show will be knocking on my door!

So now I'm off to find something I just sold (when I sell something, I usually say "I just sold something, I hope I can find it"!!

My 2 frustrations about having my 3 Etsy shops, is the cost of shipping, and storing all of my items!  I'm constantly working on improving those two!  I'll let you know if I come up with more ideas, or if you have any great ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obsessed with Pyrex!

There's just something about Pyrex!  Not only is it so darn cute, with all of the different patterns and colors, but it's so tough!

This is a fraction of my collection!  Most I have listed in my shop http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ -

This is a mere fraction of my entire collection!

Some of my favorites are the aqua butterprint, the pink gooseberry, and the one I use everyday, classic Spring Blossom!

So many colors and shapes!

There's a color and pattern for whatever kitchen decor you have!  Mixing bowls, bakeware, refrigerator dishes!  To keep your Pyrex looking bright and cheery for a long time, never put it in the dishwasher!  Take the time to handwash, and you're sure to keep your precious Pyrex looking as good as new!

Shelves are a great way to display your Pyrex!

Proudly display your Pyrex collection!  I have some great built-ins in my dining room that are just perfect for Pyrex!

Mix and match!  I think the pink and green looks great together!

Pyex Love!

Speaking of Pyrex love...there's a great website I often go to for help with identifying my Pyrex!  Appropriately the name is http://www.pyrexlove.com/ , be sure to check out their website!

Lately I've noticed at least a few shows where they are using retro Pyrex!  Paula Dean uses it in almost all of her cooking segments.  I've noticed Rachael Ray using it on her talk show during her cooking segments too!

If you haven't started collecting Pyrex, what are you waiting for!?  It's fun, cute, and durable!

Happy Hunting!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Knew!?

My mother-in-law, Grace, just gave us bags and bags of old matchbook covers that her husband, Baxter, had collected for years! 

Who knew there was such a world!? 

There's quite a collection of Cleveland matchbook covers including The Cleveland Press, Hotel Cleveland, Fisher Foods, and.....my Mom's favorite place, way back when, Chi Chi's!

Cleveland, OH landmarks and eateries

It seems everyone used matchbook covers to advertise.  From Ex-lax, Manners Big Boy, Happy Daze Sanitarium (I'm not kidding), and more!

Matchbooks were a great way to advertise!

What better way to catch someone's eye than having a naked (or barely clothed) woman on a matchbook cover!?  Companies like "Jerry Kuhn Tire & Batter Service, Twins Auto Seat Cover Co., and Chez Paree (sounds fancy)..aka strip club.

Eye catching

There's also the old time favorites such as Spic & Span, RC Cola, Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge (we loved staying at those places as a kid), and Alka Seltzer!  I loved one that said "Num Num" on it (a pretzel, chip company in Cleveland), and one from a burial vault company!

So I'm still digging through them, this is going to take awhile!

Collecting can be so much fun!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Westlake Annual Antique Show/Sale

I've been going to the Westlake Annual Antique Show/Sale for years now!  It is a way to raise funds for the Westlake Historical Society. http://www.westlakeohiohistory.org/page/page/4680673.htm There's a  good picture of the Claque Museum at this website.  I took one also, not quite as impressive!!

Claque Museum, Westlake, Ohio

It was a "tad" hot, at 86 degrees, so I didn't stay too long!  I did manage to check out all the tables.  Saw a lot of gorgeous vintage jewelry, crystal, linens, and more!

I did pick up a beautiful set of Chatham china!

Beautiful blue border with floral sprays/Chatham

It wasn't the largest antique show I've been to, but there was a good variety of vintage and antiques!

My eye went right for that milk glass!

Plenty of tables of pretties!

The sparkle on this table was amazing-but "ouch" a bit hot if you tried to handle it!

Jen's Sunday adventure!

I also bought a couple of pretty teacups & saucers, and I think my next blog might be geared toward tea time treasures!

So I'm back in my air conditioned house, and am going to go through all of my pretty china now!

Stay cool!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Bob's Birthday!

It's my husband, Bob's birthday today!  So of course, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Bucci's in Rocky River, Ohio!  Really the cutest little (very little) family run Italian restaurant!

We've been going here for years.  I honestly have never had a bad meal there!  Plus...we feel like family there!

That's Mark & Katherine heading into Bucci's!

My camera does not do justice to one of my favorite meals at Bucci's, pasta primavera (with a blush sauce), but I'll show it anyways, just believe me, it looks better in person, and taste oh-so-good (and makes the best leftovers)!

I shouldn't even show this picture! It's good-just believe me!

My sister, Susan, and her adorable 14 year old son, Bobby, joined us for the celebration!  She had, what is now Bob's favorite meal at Bucci's, the Baked Rigatoni!  Susan loved eat, and she found it hard to stop eating (so embarrassing-just kidding Sue!).

Baked Rigatoni

Bob and I love to eat, we love to cook, and we love to go out for dinner!  So I've decided I'm going to blog about all of our visits to restaurants!

Bucci's is a keeper, and you must try it! I wanted to get some pics of my friends/waitresses, but it was super busy tonight, so maybe next time!

Bon Appetit!

Tomorrow I will blog about an annual Antique show/sale in our town!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Discount for Military

I sold this cute Betsy Ross figurine to a wife of a military officer.

Betsy Ross

If I am aware that my customer is in the military (or the spouse of a military officer) I will automatically give them a discount.  It's my way to say thank you for the sacrifices the entire family makes, to keep our country safe.

Thank you to all of you!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I LOVE repeat customers!

I love repeat customers!  That's the best compliment you can get if you own an Etsy shop (or any shop for that matter)!

Vanita from India, is one of my best jewelry customers.  Not only that, but we've become long distance friends!  I have blogged about the package of fun things from India she sent me!  So sweet!

I always add extra gifts to her order!  Things I know she'll like!

Vanita's order-wrapped all pretty!

I try to package every order so it feels like you're receiving a gift!  After all, we work hard for our money, right!?

Vanita really loves the way I package everything, so I try to top myself each time I send her things!
I even added a goodie bag of pretty (non-vintage) lace, buttons, and ribbons!

/These are the new larger Moo stickers! I'm having so much fun with these!

Add that extra touch!  It's sure to mean a lot to your customers!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

My Fun Weekend

Saturday night we went to the State Theatre, downtown Cleveland, to see Todd Rundgren.  He's a rock guy that both my husband, Bob, and I have loved since the 70's!  We've been to seem him 3 or 4 times, and have always had a great time!

We also stayed at the Ritz in Cleveland on Saturday night!  We had a free upgrade on our room.  When my husband first tried to book at the Ritz awhile ago, it was booked.  This last weekend there was a lot going on in Cleveland.  But he tried again at the last minute (well, not the last minute, but about a week before), and that is why we received the upgrade!  It's always nice staying at the Ritz, always 1st class, and I'm always reminded of the Beverly Hillbillies whenever I stay at a nice hotel!

Before heading to our hotel on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Edgewater Park.  I wanted to see if I could get a few pictures.  We found a hidden sidewalk that lead to a pier, a perfect spot to watch the boats and the people fishing!

Sidewalk in Edgewater Park

Perfect day for the boaters and swimmers!

We spent awhile there before moving on downtown to 9th street to check out some more scenery.  We didn't stay there long, as it seemed a bit hotter, and I did not want a bad hair day since we had big plans that night!

A cute little park near the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame!

The Beverly Hillbillies, whoops, I mean, we, finally got our our hotel and were excited to see our large upgraded room!  Always excellent customer service there too!

We hung out at the Renaissance Hotel bar for awhile before out dinner reservations at San Souci.  We went through Tower City to get there, and I love the ceilings there!
Renaissance Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio

Beautiful detailed ceilings at Tower City

While at the bar, we ordered the most delicious scallop appetizer (which actually was made at San Souci).  We loved it so much, when we got to San Souci for our dinner, we had another order of them as an appetizer!

Bob's dinner

Unfortunately, the appetizers were the highlight of the dinner at San Souci.  I actually recognized our waitress, even though it had been quite some time since we had been to San Souci.  The service started out great, but then we suddenly seem to have lost our waitress towards the end of them meal.  I had filet mignon which was fine, but nothing special.  Both of our dinners lacked any presentation, and since we eat with our eyes first, that is so important.

Since Bob & I love to eat out, we decided we (or I) should blog about all of our dinners.  So this is the first of many.  San Souci used to be one of our favorite places to have dinner, but the last several years, it just has not been too good.

We will go back for the appetizers though!

We had a fun weekend.  Downtown Cleveland has so much to offer, especially at night!  We walked from the concert to our hotel (because we couldn't find a cab), but I'm glad we walked!  4th street was like one huge party, and I definitely want to go back there and hang out!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Private Estate Sale!

If you read my post a few weeks ago, you know that I was lucky enough to have my own personal shopping day at a church rummage sale!  I still can't believe how lucky I was!  It's going to take me awhile to get everything listed, especially all the gorgeous jewelry!

Today I went to my own private estate sale!

Franciscan Desert Rose and beautiful a beautiful Colclough pastel teacup/saucer set!
I frequent a local thrift shop, and for sometime now, one of the volunteer's there, Connie, has told me she has a bunch of stuff from her Mom and Grandmother that I might like.  She's downsizing and needed to get rid of it.  Finally we were able to get together this morning!

Pretty Johnson Bros plates and Limoges!

My own private estate sale, how fun!  If only I had limited income, I would have bought everything!  I'm picturing some of the pieces I bought.  I love the Franciscan Desert Rose set!  This is the USA set, so it is vintage (the pieces made in England are newer).  I have an entire place setting plus serving pieces!

The serving bowl is at least 100 years old

Another reason I feel lucky to have my own private estate sale, is I get a bit of history on the pieces!  Most of the pieces were from Connie's Mom, or Grandmother!  Connie actually ended up using the Desert Rose set as her everyday dinnerware!

Connie was also nice enough to hold some other items that I really want, so I may be going back in a few weeks!  She will probably be selling what's left in her friend's garage sale, so she will call me before that. Oh, and my favorite thing of all time, green depression glass! I really think I just might have to buy all of those pieces!

She also had some beautiful vintage handbags that I really want (I have quite a nice personal collection, and yes, I do use them)!

So that was my fun Wednesday!  I love coming home and going through everything!  Now....where to put it!!

Happy Hunting  Or shopping at http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ !


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, long holiday weekend!

I just got back from a "marathon" run, well, marathon for me!  I drove out to the cute town next to ours, Bay Village, where I could run and have a view of Lake Erie!  I know there's been quite a view jokes about it, but it does look beautiful in the summer!

A bit overcast this morning, but still such a view!

So I ran from this cute little park over to Huntington Beach, and there were people setting up their picnics already (this was around 9:00 am)!  I didn't actually go down by the beach, didn't want to mess up my cute running shoes! 

Looks like their having fun!

I finished my run around that area, drove back to my house, and still no one awake here, so I decided to do another run, this time around my neighborhood!  Not quite as scenic as the lake!

Pretty flowers near the lake (probably weeds, but I think they're pretty)

After finishing that run, still no one awake! So....I ventured out to the rec center where I ran some more!  That's the most I've run in one day, except when I run 5k's!  So far I've feeling aok, I actually feel like I could keep running!  But, I smell bacon now!  My husband, Bob, makes me breakfast every week, and yes, he finally woke up!

A Lake Erie Pier

Tonight we're having a little cookout and have invited my sister, Susan, my adorable nephew, Bobby over!

I promise to get some sunnier pictures up-close of the beach next time!

Enjoy your weekend!