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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Fun Weekend

Saturday night we went to the State Theatre, downtown Cleveland, to see Todd Rundgren.  He's a rock guy that both my husband, Bob, and I have loved since the 70's!  We've been to seem him 3 or 4 times, and have always had a great time!

We also stayed at the Ritz in Cleveland on Saturday night!  We had a free upgrade on our room.  When my husband first tried to book at the Ritz awhile ago, it was booked.  This last weekend there was a lot going on in Cleveland.  But he tried again at the last minute (well, not the last minute, but about a week before), and that is why we received the upgrade!  It's always nice staying at the Ritz, always 1st class, and I'm always reminded of the Beverly Hillbillies whenever I stay at a nice hotel!

Before heading to our hotel on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Edgewater Park.  I wanted to see if I could get a few pictures.  We found a hidden sidewalk that lead to a pier, a perfect spot to watch the boats and the people fishing!

Sidewalk in Edgewater Park

Perfect day for the boaters and swimmers!

We spent awhile there before moving on downtown to 9th street to check out some more scenery.  We didn't stay there long, as it seemed a bit hotter, and I did not want a bad hair day since we had big plans that night!

A cute little park near the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame!

The Beverly Hillbillies, whoops, I mean, we, finally got our our hotel and were excited to see our large upgraded room!  Always excellent customer service there too!

We hung out at the Renaissance Hotel bar for awhile before out dinner reservations at San Souci.  We went through Tower City to get there, and I love the ceilings there!
Renaissance Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio

Beautiful detailed ceilings at Tower City

While at the bar, we ordered the most delicious scallop appetizer (which actually was made at San Souci).  We loved it so much, when we got to San Souci for our dinner, we had another order of them as an appetizer!

Bob's dinner

Unfortunately, the appetizers were the highlight of the dinner at San Souci.  I actually recognized our waitress, even though it had been quite some time since we had been to San Souci.  The service started out great, but then we suddenly seem to have lost our waitress towards the end of them meal.  I had filet mignon which was fine, but nothing special.  Both of our dinners lacked any presentation, and since we eat with our eyes first, that is so important.

Since Bob & I love to eat out, we decided we (or I) should blog about all of our dinners.  So this is the first of many.  San Souci used to be one of our favorite places to have dinner, but the last several years, it just has not been too good.

We will go back for the appetizers though!

We had a fun weekend.  Downtown Cleveland has so much to offer, especially at night!  We walked from the concert to our hotel (because we couldn't find a cab), but I'm glad we walked!  4th street was like one huge party, and I definitely want to go back there and hang out!


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