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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Taylor Smith & Taylor Moulin Rouge

So you have an Etsy shop, now what!?  Do you wait and hope that someone will find your shop!?

I don't recommend that!

It's a lot of work to, not only run an Etsy shop (or another other online shop), but to get the visitors, and better than that, get the sales!

I joined twitter as a way to promote my latest listings.  http://www.twitter.com/jenscloset there you can find me chatting away with fun friends I have met there!

I try to add pictures to my flickr account once a week.  http://www.flickr/jenscloset not only pictures of my shop stuff, but another hobby I've really become passionate about, photographing fresh flowers!

Milk Glass Hobnail Vase

Then there's facebook, which I still don't like that much, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-and-antiques/135709633330 I also try to link a few new listings from my shop here about once a week.

And then there's my blog!  I ramble about all sorts of things, from personal, to Etsy shop information, and more!  I also have a "beauty blog" http://www.fabfortyandbeyond.blogspot.com/ since I'm a sucker for a good beauty product.

I won't even start on google, the king!  I'm still confused by so much of that!

Keep pluggin' away and good luck!


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