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Friday, September 28, 2012

Featured Etsy Shop - Bloomy Jewelry

Aqua Flower Brooch
Cute Etsy shop alert!  Today I am featuring a lovely Etsy shop called "Bloomy Jewelry"!  

The owners are sisters, and live in Latvia.  Their names our Zane and leva.  They have a huge passion for their jewelry making, and also enjoy felting, beading, and sewing.

Light Purple Stud Earrings
 For the past 4 years, their passion has turned to polymer clay techniques.  I just love the brooches and earrings in their shop!  It's amazing that they can take a piece of raw clay and turn it into something so pretty!

Pretty White & Green Earrings
 They are inspired by nature and "anything else that might stumble across" in their day-to-day life!  They have tremendous support from the family and friends!

Be sure to check out their Etsy shop!  They also have a blog: http://www.bloomyjewelry.blogspot.com.  You can also find them on twitter (under the name bloomyjewelry), and Pinterest (my new favorite place), also under the name bloomyjewelry.

I'm happy to feature more Etsy shops, just drop me a message and let me know about your shop!

Happy weekend!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Jen's Pasta Primavera

My pasta primavera
One of my favorite Italian restaurants is a little place in Rocky River, Ohio, called "Bucci's"!  We feel like family there!  We've been going there for years, and we're always greeted with a hug!

Lately the only thing I order there is the Pasta Primavera, with blush sauce!  I'm addicted, and it's so good leftover.

 I haven't been able to make mine exactly like Bucci's, but I did create this one for lunch today.  Since my Bob and I both work from home, we usually have are larger meal for lunch.  We both love to cook.  Bob's better at following a recipe word for word.  I like to check out a recipe, and make it my own.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

I start by heating up butter and olive oil in a pan.  I then add the fresh veggies that will take the longest too cook.  Today I had green beans, wax bean, several colors of peppers, red onion, and white onion.  Saute that for awhile, then add the softer veggies.  I added zucchini and squash, and bit later, the mushrooms.

I then added a bit of white wine and some cream.  Oh, I also added salt & pepper, ground red pepper, and some Italian seasoning.

I then decided it needed a bit of a "kick", so I added about 1/2 can of mexican tomatoes (spicy).  You could always add fresh tomatoes or any other canned tomato that you like.

In the meantime, I started boiling the water for angel hair.  Again, you could use whatever pasta you like.

I "tented" the pan with foil to get everything cooked/steamed, and then added some parmesan cheese.

After the pasta was done, I couldn't help but add a bit of butter to it~!  Then I mixed everything together (so it would be good for leftovers).

We always make enough of whatever we cook, for Bob's Mom, Grace.  She lives alone and it's fun to be able to share our food with her!

Bon apetit!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Pastel Christmas

I'm dreaming of a pastel Christmas!

I'll need a pink tree!  
I do have a cute smaller pink tree, but I would love to have a large one like this!

I love this mantel decoration!

 Of course I am finding a lot of ideas on Pinterest!  It's so inspiring!

Simple but cute idea!
Even I could do this one!  Just add some vintage Christmas ornaments to a shadow box!

From Etsy
Another simple but cute idea!
Love this idea!  Just take inexpensive candleholders and add pretty vintage Christmas ornaments!

I want this wreath!
 Oh so pretty Christmas wreath with all sorts of shabby chic ornaments and tulle!

Next to come...a classic Christmas!

Happy weekend everyone!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

Never Forget
"They're blowing up the f-ing Pentagon!" Words from my friend Toni. 

I was at work.  We were all in a state of shock.

I knew I wanted my children with me.  I left work and picked up Katherine & Mark from their elementary school.  I know the principal would have preferred they stayed there and kept things as normal as possible.  But I knew what I wanted.  I wanted my kids with me.  I did not panic them.  I took them to the video store and had them get movies and video games.  I kept them close to me, but also watched what was unfolding on television.

I did explain to my kids what was going on.  I did not go into too much detail, because I did not want to scare them.

My older daughter, Lindsey, was at college. I could not wait for her to get home.

Remember what is important to you.

Remember when you're having a bad day, it could be worse.

Don't forget the sacrifices that have been made so we can have our freedom.

Don't forget that tragic date, September 11th, and those that lost their lives for us.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

White and Lacy from Pinterest

Yes, I am totally addicted to pinterest!  If you haven't checked it out, you should!  You can create "boards" with whatever subject your heart so desires, and the add "pins" to your boards!  The pins are stuff that match your boards.  

Pretty things from Pinterest

 For example, one of my boards is "My Fashion Style".  I add cute clothes, accessories, etc, that I would wear.  Who cares if they cost a crazy amount of money, it's fun!

Pinterest inspires me!

 I love my "Funnies" board!  All kinds of funny stuff to make me laugh (and hopefully will make you laugh too!).

I added this on to my "Pretty Things" board
 I also have a "Cottage Chic" board.  That is one of my favorites too! Oh what am I saying!? I love all of my boards!

 This one is on my "If I was Crafty" board! 
 I'm not too crafty, although I do try on occasion! I love these lamps made with vintage lace!

I love lace!  
This is such a cute idea!

 I have actually tried a few recipes that I found on Pinterest.  I can't remember what the first one was, but it didn't turn out too great.  But, I made a butter cake, and it was soooo good!  My mother-in-law actually asked me for the recipe after she tried mine!

Check out Pinterest and be inspired!

Happy weekend!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Kat's Got Style!

Kat Wilson

I haven't actually met Kat Wilson in person, but we are twitter friends, and I know if we lived close to each other, we would definitely hang out together!

I love her personality and her style!

I also love her blog, you must check it out!   http://katsmeoww11.blogspot.com/

I LOVE vintage lingerie!
Kat also has a gorgeous vintage clothes/accessory Etsy shop!  Be sure to check it out~!  http://www.katsmeoww.etsy.com .

Vintage Hat
 I have quite a collection of hats, including several vintage ones.  Hats are a great way to add your own style to an outfit!  I love this one that Kat has in her Etsy shop!

Cute vintage dress!
 Most days you'll find me wearing a dress! Dresses are simple, one piece, and they're just so comfortable!  This cute dress in Kat's shop is definitely one that I would wear!  Add some bold jewelry to update the look!

Be sure to check out Kat's blog and Etsy shop!  I'm sure you will be inspired!

Happy Labor Day!