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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Sorta Published!

Okay, so I'm not really published, but I made a book!

Thanks to http://www.shutterfly.com/ !!  It was free!  They always have great promos and great products, this time they let me make a book, so I decided to add pictures from my Etsy shops!

Thanks Shutterfly!

I think I actually ended up paying maybe 1-2 dollars extra, but well worth it!

I've made books from their site before.  I actually made one for my daughter, Katherine, for her high school graduation this year.

My book!

I just might carry it around with me (just kidding!).

Pretty things from my shops!

In fact, with this order, I received another promo for 10% off of my next order!

A fun way to show off your stuff!

I love that lady planter!

I highly recommend Shutterfly (and no, I don't get paid for advertising for them)!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Orders

I offer a free service in all 3 of my Etsy shops.  I will gift wrap, add a gift tag (with your personal message), and ship directly to the gift recipient (in the USA)!
Personalized gift tag

I love gift wrapping!

I've always loved gift wrapping (my Mom was happy about that at Christmas time, with 5 kids)! 

Here's a picture of the front of the box too!  I like to make it extra special for the gift recipient!

Happy Birthday!

This is particularly useful at Christmas time when everyone is so busy!  Let Jen take care of your gifts this year! http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ and http://www.thechinagirl.etsy.com/ and some day I'll figure out out to add the links but not have the entire link thing there!

Happy wrapping!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Estate Sales

I do love estate sales!  But I also realize that it's not such a happy time for the family. 

This weekend I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood (actually went there 3 times, is that considered stalking?).

Large Fenton Milk Glass Silver Crest Bowl

I know how difficult it is to loose someone close to you, so I have empathy for those that are grieving, and at the same time letting go of some of their loved ones "things".

Fenton Green Satin Candleholders

This estate sale was run through a liquidator (which is a business I am thinking of getting into), but some of the family was there.  I've been to estate sales like that before, and it's nice.  You're not just buying "things", you are buying a part of someone's passion.  It's great to have a story behind these items that we love!

/Avon Serena Mirrored Pendant

I met the daughter's  of the wonderful lady that this estate was being held for (and there was a tear or two).  I also met one of the granddaugher's, Catherine, who told me her Grandmother was a beautiful lady, inside and out.

I enjoy the treasures I purchased, but I enjoy the stories behind them even more.

That is the real reason for my passion for antiques/vintage!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Jewelry

It's no secret that I love vintage!  Vintage jewelry is so unique!

Chocolate & Cream Button Earrings

You know from some of my "crappy craft" blogs, that I really am not too crafty (although I do try)!  I know plenty of my customers use the jewelry they purchase from me for their upcycle projects.

Vintage Earrings

Vintage clip earrings can be used as shoe clips, earrings (of course), hooked to your spaghetti straps (change your favorite black dress something extra!), even one hooked on a chain as a pendant!

Austrian Brooch

I sold this gorgeous green and turquoise Austrian brooch to one of my favorite customers!  She creates gorgeous jewelry with the pieces she purchases from me!  Instead of a necklace, I will add a vintage brooch to my outfits.

Vintage earrings

I love to pack my jewelry orders with a pretty organze bag!

So whether you're clever (unlike me), and can create one of a kind jewelry, or just want that extra touch to any outfit, I suggest going on a hunt for some vintage pieces!

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Your Favorite Movie!?

My favorite movie is Elf, with Will Farrell,which I just watched for probably the 15th (at least) time!  I love that it is so innocent and endearing!

Another one of my favorite movies is Zoolander. Another goofy innocent movie.  Guess there's a theme here!

So  what's your favorite!?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My plate made it to the front page of Etsy!

It is so exciting when you find out one of your shop items has been featured on the front page treasury of Etsy!  My cute wooden plate made it today!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I knew I had to blog about shipping (once again), after packing a large order of Limoges from my china shop this morning!

I always keep a good supply of pretty ribbons for my orders!

I live in Ohio and shipped a large box (14 x 14 x 14), weighing almost 15 lbs, to Illinois.  Including insurance, it was under $17.00.  I do add on the cost of the box and packing material (if I can use a USPS box that sames money).  My customer received a significant refund since shipping costs were much less than quoted.

If I was sending that same box to California, the cost would be $38.30, and that is if I prepare the label online, otherwise, it would cost over $41.00 at the post office.

In the case of the California shipping, I would have packed it differently.  The order was a set of luncheon plates, bread & butter plates, berry bowls, and 2 teacups.

I would have definitely shipped the luncheon plates in flat rate box, which is $14.95 (a little less when prepared online).  I most likely could have fit the other items in a USPS 12 x 12 x 8 box. 

USPS charges extra (quite a bit extra) for an oversized box if shipping to the farther distances, such as CA.  It definitely is a better idea to break up the order, than paying the crazy price for an oversized box.

When I list an item, I use my USPS scale, with a box and packing material (to get a more accurate weight), and then add the item.  My shipping quote is for the farther distances, and then I can just refund any shipping costs for the closer zips.

I love everything about my Etsy shops, but shipping has always been my nemesis.  I really just wanted to use the word nemesis in a sentence!

Happy Packing!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salad Dressings

Vintage Syrup Pitcher perfect for homemade salad dressings!

I love salads, and usually make my own fresh salad dressings!  This retro Thatcher amber and white daisy syrup pitcher is the perfect container for your homemade dressings!

Sometimes I just mix balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a quick dressing.  Other basic recipes include adding honey, lemon, a little garlic salt, italian seasoning, dijon mustard, and of course, olive oil!

Use your imagination, I'm sure you can come up with some more fresh and low cal salad dressings to spruce up your favorite salads!

Happy creating!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Christmas

Yes, I'm thinking about Christmas already!

Vintage style Christmas!

Berta Hummel Christmas 1977 decorative plate

You know I love vintage!  It has such character!

Corelle Holly Days Dessert Plates

I love this set of Corelle Christmas plates!

Pink Christmas Planter

This planter would be great filled with vintage ornaments, or plant herbs in it!

Xmas cocktails

This cute pair of retro red striped glasses are great for your Christmas cocktails!

So think ahead, check out my shop, I'll be listing more Christmas items soon! http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things Change

We've been going to Cocoa Beach, Florida, since the kids were little. 

Each year there are less and less shells on the beach.  That reminded me of how things change.

It reminded me that Mark and Katherine are not little kids anymore.  My baby, Katherine, will be starting her first year of college soon.

I found one shell on the beach the year.  I bought some pretty shells at a store in Cocoa Beach.

Purchased Shells

When we getting ready to leave our condo, I noticed a bag of pretty shells in the closet.  I'm sure they were shells we left there, thinking there would be more shells to gather in the coming years.  But that didn't happen.

Collected shells from past years

But this really isn't about shells.  It's about life.  It changes.  Some good, some bad, some happy, some sad.  Make the most of everyday. 


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thanks Rick & Yvette!

My oldest brother, Rick, and his wife, Yvette (my little sis), were so nice to give me a  box of Yvette's family heirlooms, including these pretty goblets! I have them listed at http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com

Thanks Yvette!

Aren't these pretty!  There were other treasures they gave me, including some gorgeous jewelry that my sister, Susan, snatched!

I'm hoping to update my blog late tomorrow with vacation info!  We've been in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where we have a cute little condo right on the beach!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two blogs in one day!

A crazy, crooked picture, but this is my dear Mom!

My dear Mom (and best friend), passed away August 9th, 1994, very unexpectly, at the early age of 59!

Since that time, we have made a tradition of taking our summer vacation at that time.  I've never been one to be depressed at these times, but to celebrate and remember the fun times we had together!  I never want my Mom to worry that I'm sad! Yes..I do miss her so much!  But, thinking of all the fun and crazy times we had together, makes me laugh!

I moved back to Ohio (from Denver, CO), in 1989, after a bad divorce (I always love that, is there actually a good divorce?).  My Dad traveled so far to pick up me, and my darling little daughter, Lindsey (only 5 at the time), to make the journey to our new life!

I don't know what I would have done without my Mom.  I started back to work soon after arriving in Ohio, but did not have to worry about Lindsey.  She was with the best Mom/Grandma ever, my Mom!

In 1991, I was married, and soon after, had a darling little boy, Mark (who I always called "little Bob" (after my new hubby), even before I knew I was having a boy!  Shortly after that, in 1993, I had a darling daughter, we named Katherine.

My Mom came over everyday!  Okay, so it wasn't until 2:30 (she was a night owl)!  But that was perfect!  Time enough for me to go to get Lindsey at her elementary school~!

Now, when I think about it, my Mom would  be 76 now!  I wonder what she would be like!

I've never liked excuses!  I have to remind myself that sometimes when I hit bad times and want to have excuses! But then I thnk about about people like my Mom.  She group up the oldest of 7 children, in not the greatest of situtations!

My Mom was the ultimate Mom!  She raised 5 children (awesome children, I might add). 

I miss her everyday!  This picture is the one I have on my bed table.  It reminds me of how loved I really am.  Even in the crummiest of times. I hope you have someone like this.  If not, I can be that person for you.

If you need me, let me know-


Vintage Teacups & Saucers

I love vintage teacups & saucers!  Before I had my Etsy shops, I had my own pretty collection of vintage teacups & saucers!  Now I have an excuse to buy more!

Just a fraction of the vintage teacups & saucers I have!

Teacups come in a variety of colors and styles!  My favorites are always the pink & green ones!  I have a collection of broken teacups (I could never throw them away), that I display on a cute built in shelf in my upstairs bathroom!

I love the delicate Limoges teacups!  Fine English bone china is also gorgeous!

So many colors and patterns available!

Two of my Etsy shops have plenty of teacups & saucers for sale!  http://www.thechinagirl.etsy.com/ and http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ perfect for collecting!

Sit down, relax, with a cup of tea in a pretty vintage teacup!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cute Green Bug

This cute green bug was just hangin' out on my son, Mark's car, so we decided to have a little photo shoot.  Our super model bug just hung out while we both took a bunch of pictures of him.

Mark and the Cute Green Bug

I have a feeling this bug liked all the attention, he only moved maybe once, and that was just to have a different pose.

Super Model Bug

Go ahead, say it: "Jen, get a life"!!  But if you don't enjoy the simple things in life, what fun us it!!?

And yet another shot

I was just talking to my spinning instructor/friend, Katy, who has two adorable little boys (and a little girl on the way, about how fun it is to watch her kids get so excited about little things!   It helps you to see those simple things in a new way!

I try to keep that appreciation for the little things as part of my life, even though my kids are grown ups now!

So find a cute bug, like my little green guy!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Tea Party

I keep saying I want to have a tea party!  I love it when I not only receive nice feedback, but a picture from them too!

I sold this pretty pastel set of Coclough teacups & saucers recently to a customer that said she was going to use them for a tea party~!

Pretty Pastels!

She loves her teacups & saucers and included this picture of her tea party!

Tea party time!

This picture really motivates me, so watch for your invite to my tea party!