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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cute Green Bug

This cute green bug was just hangin' out on my son, Mark's car, so we decided to have a little photo shoot.  Our super model bug just hung out while we both took a bunch of pictures of him.

Mark and the Cute Green Bug

I have a feeling this bug liked all the attention, he only moved maybe once, and that was just to have a different pose.

Super Model Bug

Go ahead, say it: "Jen, get a life"!!  But if you don't enjoy the simple things in life, what fun us it!!?

And yet another shot

I was just talking to my spinning instructor/friend, Katy, who has two adorable little boys (and a little girl on the way, about how fun it is to watch her kids get so excited about little things!   It helps you to see those simple things in a new way!

I try to keep that appreciation for the little things as part of my life, even though my kids are grown ups now!

So find a cute bug, like my little green guy!!



Cindy said...

What a cute bug! Looks like a katydid. :)


Cindy said...
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