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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recipe for Yvette/Potato Leek Soup

My sister-in-law (aka little sis), Yvette, saw my picture of the beginning steps of my potato leek soup on instagram and wanted the recipe.  I don't have a picture posted here, but you can see it if you follow me on instagram, at "jenscloset", of course!

Most of my soup recipes basically start the same way; I  saute the vegetables in oil oil, butter, or coconut oil.  These days I am cutting way back on butter, so here's how I made this soup:

Chop up whatever potatoes you have in pretty small pieces (they cook quicker).  I used two leeks for this, and I cut them lengthwise and then cut them into about quarter inch pieces, and soak them in a bowl of whatever to get any grit out of them.  Then drain them.

Saute the potatoes, leeks, onions, and celery in a bit of coconut oil and oil  for 10 or so minutes.  I then added one clove of garlic, salt, and pepper, and saute another 5 minutes or so on a lower temp, so as not to burn the garlic.  

To thicken the soup I add a tablespoon of flour, and stir on low for a minute.  Then add 1-2 cans of chicken broth (you can use vegetable broth to keep it vegan).  At this time I add some sprigs of thyme, hot pepper flakes (just a pinch unless you want it really spicy), a 1/4 tsp of italian seasoning, and since I use low sodium chicken broth, I add more salt.  Always taste as you're going along to "tweak" the recipe.

You can either use a blender or one of those hand blenders, and blend about 1/2 of the soup to make it more creamy.  Don't do this step until the potatoes have softened (you don't want them to the point of mushy though!).

It's too early in the morning, so I may have missed something! I'll check back later to see!

I always make a lot of soup, and freeze containers for my Dad and also for my Mother-in-Law, Grace!

Happy soup making!