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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy-almost-Valentine's Day!

I had to share my latest Etsy purchase!  I bought the cutest pink heart garland, and loved it so much, I had to buy another one in blue!

Here's a few other cute finds from DoesMeadow

 I put one on the back of one of my sofa's in the living room:

 And one in my kitchen (I need to fix it so the pins not showing, but you get the idea!):

It's so much fun decorating my house now that I have it cleaned and organized.  Although, I do call my house "the house of shelves".  Shelves are everywhere in my house, with all of my Etsy shop, so it does look like a store, but at least there's not a bunch of stuff on the floor anymore (okay, maybe a few random things!).