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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two blogs in one day!

A crazy, crooked picture, but this is my dear Mom!

My dear Mom (and best friend), passed away August 9th, 1994, very unexpectly, at the early age of 59!

Since that time, we have made a tradition of taking our summer vacation at that time.  I've never been one to be depressed at these times, but to celebrate and remember the fun times we had together!  I never want my Mom to worry that I'm sad! Yes..I do miss her so much!  But, thinking of all the fun and crazy times we had together, makes me laugh!

I moved back to Ohio (from Denver, CO), in 1989, after a bad divorce (I always love that, is there actually a good divorce?).  My Dad traveled so far to pick up me, and my darling little daughter, Lindsey (only 5 at the time), to make the journey to our new life!

I don't know what I would have done without my Mom.  I started back to work soon after arriving in Ohio, but did not have to worry about Lindsey.  She was with the best Mom/Grandma ever, my Mom!

In 1991, I was married, and soon after, had a darling little boy, Mark (who I always called "little Bob" (after my new hubby), even before I knew I was having a boy!  Shortly after that, in 1993, I had a darling daughter, we named Katherine.

My Mom came over everyday!  Okay, so it wasn't until 2:30 (she was a night owl)!  But that was perfect!  Time enough for me to go to get Lindsey at her elementary school~!

Now, when I think about it, my Mom would  be 76 now!  I wonder what she would be like!

I've never liked excuses!  I have to remind myself that sometimes when I hit bad times and want to have excuses! But then I thnk about about people like my Mom.  She group up the oldest of 7 children, in not the greatest of situtations!

My Mom was the ultimate Mom!  She raised 5 children (awesome children, I might add). 

I miss her everyday!  This picture is the one I have on my bed table.  It reminds me of how loved I really am.  Even in the crummiest of times. I hope you have someone like this.  If not, I can be that person for you.

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