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Friday, August 19, 2011


I knew I had to blog about shipping (once again), after packing a large order of Limoges from my china shop this morning!

I always keep a good supply of pretty ribbons for my orders!

I live in Ohio and shipped a large box (14 x 14 x 14), weighing almost 15 lbs, to Illinois.  Including insurance, it was under $17.00.  I do add on the cost of the box and packing material (if I can use a USPS box that sames money).  My customer received a significant refund since shipping costs were much less than quoted.

If I was sending that same box to California, the cost would be $38.30, and that is if I prepare the label online, otherwise, it would cost over $41.00 at the post office.

In the case of the California shipping, I would have packed it differently.  The order was a set of luncheon plates, bread & butter plates, berry bowls, and 2 teacups.

I would have definitely shipped the luncheon plates in flat rate box, which is $14.95 (a little less when prepared online).  I most likely could have fit the other items in a USPS 12 x 12 x 8 box. 

USPS charges extra (quite a bit extra) for an oversized box if shipping to the farther distances, such as CA.  It definitely is a better idea to break up the order, than paying the crazy price for an oversized box.

When I list an item, I use my USPS scale, with a box and packing material (to get a more accurate weight), and then add the item.  My shipping quote is for the farther distances, and then I can just refund any shipping costs for the closer zips.

I love everything about my Etsy shops, but shipping has always been my nemesis.  I really just wanted to use the word nemesis in a sentence!

Happy Packing!


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