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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Estate Sales

I do love estate sales!  But I also realize that it's not such a happy time for the family. 

This weekend I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood (actually went there 3 times, is that considered stalking?).

Large Fenton Milk Glass Silver Crest Bowl

I know how difficult it is to loose someone close to you, so I have empathy for those that are grieving, and at the same time letting go of some of their loved ones "things".

Fenton Green Satin Candleholders

This estate sale was run through a liquidator (which is a business I am thinking of getting into), but some of the family was there.  I've been to estate sales like that before, and it's nice.  You're not just buying "things", you are buying a part of someone's passion.  It's great to have a story behind these items that we love!

/Avon Serena Mirrored Pendant

I met the daughter's  of the wonderful lady that this estate was being held for (and there was a tear or two).  I also met one of the granddaugher's, Catherine, who told me her Grandmother was a beautiful lady, inside and out.

I enjoy the treasures I purchased, but I enjoy the stories behind them even more.

That is the real reason for my passion for antiques/vintage!


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