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Saturday, September 8, 2012

White and Lacy from Pinterest

Yes, I am totally addicted to pinterest!  If you haven't checked it out, you should!  You can create "boards" with whatever subject your heart so desires, and the add "pins" to your boards!  The pins are stuff that match your boards.  

Pretty things from Pinterest

 For example, one of my boards is "My Fashion Style".  I add cute clothes, accessories, etc, that I would wear.  Who cares if they cost a crazy amount of money, it's fun!

Pinterest inspires me!

 I love my "Funnies" board!  All kinds of funny stuff to make me laugh (and hopefully will make you laugh too!).

I added this on to my "Pretty Things" board
 I also have a "Cottage Chic" board.  That is one of my favorites too! Oh what am I saying!? I love all of my boards!

 This one is on my "If I was Crafty" board! 
 I'm not too crafty, although I do try on occasion! I love these lamps made with vintage lace!

I love lace!  
This is such a cute idea!

 I have actually tried a few recipes that I found on Pinterest.  I can't remember what the first one was, but it didn't turn out too great.  But, I made a butter cake, and it was soooo good!  My mother-in-law actually asked me for the recipe after she tried mine!

Check out Pinterest and be inspired!

Happy weekend!


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