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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, long holiday weekend!

I just got back from a "marathon" run, well, marathon for me!  I drove out to the cute town next to ours, Bay Village, where I could run and have a view of Lake Erie!  I know there's been quite a view jokes about it, but it does look beautiful in the summer!

A bit overcast this morning, but still such a view!

So I ran from this cute little park over to Huntington Beach, and there were people setting up their picnics already (this was around 9:00 am)!  I didn't actually go down by the beach, didn't want to mess up my cute running shoes! 

Looks like their having fun!

I finished my run around that area, drove back to my house, and still no one awake here, so I decided to do another run, this time around my neighborhood!  Not quite as scenic as the lake!

Pretty flowers near the lake (probably weeds, but I think they're pretty)

After finishing that run, still no one awake! So....I ventured out to the rec center where I ran some more!  That's the most I've run in one day, except when I run 5k's!  So far I've feeling aok, I actually feel like I could keep running!  But, I smell bacon now!  My husband, Bob, makes me breakfast every week, and yes, he finally woke up!

A Lake Erie Pier

Tonight we're having a little cookout and have invited my sister, Susan, my adorable nephew, Bobby over!

I promise to get some sunnier pictures up-close of the beach next time!

Enjoy your weekend! 


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