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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feel Like Chatting!

What a surprise!  I feel like chatting!

First, I'm happy that the postal strike in Canada is over!  I was able to finally ship out orders to Canada that had been put on hold due to the strike.  That drove me nuts, as I try to ship out within 24 hours of a sale!

And related to that, Canada Day is Friday, so Happy Canada to all the Canadians!

So....what else!? 

Oh, a big graduation party on Friday night for my daugher, Katherine!  It should be great!  We rented this cute house on the lake!  It was through the city of Avon Lake, Ohio (where I grew up) and was really inexpensive!  It would take too long to remove my shop stuff from my house (yes, it's everywhere), plus we live on a busy street, and parking is a problem!  So this is the perfect solution!  There's even access to the beach, and hopefully the weather will be great!

So that's my quick update!   Hope everyone is enjoying their summer~!

Happy Fourth of July!!


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