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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you!

A shout out to Clague Road United Church of Christ, and especially to Nancy!  Thank you!

Just a small fraction of what I bought

Can you imagine a rummage sale where you're the only one there and you don't have to run for the things you want!?

That was me today!

Last week I went to the Clague Road United Church of Christ (located in North Olmsted OH, for the first night of their rummage sale.  It was my 3rd year there. 

The first year there was  set of dishes I wanted, but I wanted to wait until they went to half price.  The ladies at the church knew that, and they totally surprised me when I went back, and they had put them aside for me!  How nice!

I meant to go back last weekend, but I just didn't get the time!  Well, Nancy from the church called me today to tell me she still had plenty left from the sale and it would all be half priced!

I met her this afternoon at the church, and could not believe how much was still there!  All for me, if I wanted it!

I was in rummage sale heaven!  Plus, Nancy is such a nice person, we had a great time together!

I bought some beautiful porcelain pieces, TONS of jewelry, and even some things I normally don't pick up, such as an old shoe shine, it's cute-red and tin (I think!) (that was Nancy's), and an old shabby chic scale!  I also picked up some linens, and crystal, and so much more!

What nice people at the Clague Road Church of Christ! http://www.clagueroaducc.org/ If you're in the area, check them out!

Thanks Nancy!



No Place Like Home Collectibles said...

You must be living right. The Lord blessed you with this church sale, and you blessed them, as well. Good for you! :)

jenscloset said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! You've made my day!!

TG Bears said...

Wow - what a wonderful opportunity. I am so pleased for you!