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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Weird is This!?

Libbey Cavalcade 50's glasses

Okay, so I have these cute glasses listed in my shop!  Today I happened to be searching for pictures and stuff for my daughter, Katherine's graduation party. 

While searching, I found this school project that was my Mom's from the 50's!  I don't know how I got it, I've never seen it before.  Flipping through it, I saw a Mixmaster that I have (just haven't listed it yet), but the coolest thing, was that for her everyday glasses, she wanted the Libbey Cavalcade pony glasses!  The ones I have listed in my shop!  I didn't know the name of these until my Mom helped me out with her school project!
The glasses I have listed (on far right) I'm going to have to search for the others she wanted!

My Mom's name was Mona, but she went by the name "Pat" in high school!

I wish my Mom was still here, we'd have a good laugh about this (we laughed a lot together).  You never know, she just might be laughing in heaven right now!

Thanks Mom!! Love ya!

Your daughter, Jennifer (she always called me Jennifer)!

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Kelly said...

I'm sure your mom is looking down on you and smiling.I think maybe when things happen like that our loved ones who have passed on are saying yes I'm still there with you..
Peace and blessing,
Zenful Goods