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Monday, September 5, 2011

Etsy Baker's Dozen Kitchen Promo Team

I was just invited to join Etsy's "Baker's Dozen Kitchen Promo Team"!  That just may motivate me to start baking more!

I actually cook more than bake.  My daughter, Katherine, is the cookie baker.  Not only does she make yummy cookies, but she decorates them with amazing detail (so much so that I rarely assist her since mine do not meet her expectations!).  She makes them for most holiday's, for her friends.  Since's she's off to college soon, I'm guessing there will be less time for that, except at Christmas time and during the summer.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Mixing Bowls

I have this set of four retro Pyrex Spring Blossom mixing bowls listed in my Etsy shop, and I have the same ones I use everyday!  I never put them in the dishwasher, and keep a few paper towels in between each to keep them from scratching.

Recently listed/yummy pink Pyrex!

It's definitely more fun to cook and bake when you have the right utensils, accessories (like my Kitchen Aid), and cute retro Pyrex mixing bowls and bakeware!

Next time I bake, I will share my recipe, hopefully before the end of this week!

Another one of my favorite Pyrex pattern/Butterprint

Happy baking!  Please feel free to share your favorite recipes!


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