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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A gift from France!

Love vintage tablecloth & napkins from France!

My daughter, Lindsey, just returned from France!  She surprised me with this beautiful pastel applique vintage tablecloth and napkins!

My son Mark and my grandpuppy Cosmo

We were lucky enough to get to have Lindsey's doggy, Cosmo, stay with us while she was in France!
The happy reunion-Lindsey & Cosmo!

I was busy packing orders and I guess Cosmo felt left out! he's laying on my tissue paper!

Since Lindsey lives in Columbus, and I'm in Cleveland, we usually do the "puppy drop off" at a rest area in between our to locations!  It is so fun to see how excited Cosmo is to see Lindsey and Thomas (Lindsey's fiance)!

We miss Cosmo already!


LindseyMarcella said...

Haha I'm in columbus and you're in Ohio huh?? I think I'm in Ohio too :)

jenscloset said...

Silly me-!! fixed it!