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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Baby Left for College!

My youngest, Katherine, left for college last Sunday!  I know I say this all the time, but time goes way to quick (or is it quickly-Katherine would correct me).

It was a long day of unpacking, she's in a room with 4 girls, which she doesn't seem to mind!  She's at Ohio State University, a huge school!  It seems like the perfect place for Katherine, since she's always been a people person!

Bob & Katherine (we went to Pier W the night before we left)

I miss her already!  The one thing Katherine requested was that I not put any of my shop stuff in her room!  My inventory has taken over the entire house, so I assured her that I would not put any of it in her room while she was away, in fact, I've started to clean her room (she gave me permission)!

We're silly!

She actually is at her very first college class as I am writing this! I hope it goes well, I have a feeling it will!

Katherine in her dorm!

Katherine's always been an independent spirit!  I am so proud of her!!!

And so lucky to have 3 great kids!  The 4th one is just okay (just kidding, I only have 3 kids).

Jen aka Mom

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