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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jacqueline Kennedy

I've always loved Jacqueline Kennedy. Her style, her class, just everything!  In fact, in my "dressing room" (the room my husband Bob so sweetly turned into a dressing room for me-which I've totally ruined), I have a picture of Jacqueline and my other favorite-Audrey Hepburn, they both stare at me everyday.  I still put my clothes on and look to them for approval!

I love the name Jacqueline, and even more than that name, Caroline! It reminds me of my precious mother! My best friend loved the name Caroline, and I know she was hoping for a granddaughter with that name.  I know that, because I was her best friend.

Watching this special with the tapes from Jacqueline Kennedy, also remind me of my sister in law, Yvette.  I can't explain exactly why, but they do! I do know one thing; both Jacqueline and Yvette are wonderful at telling a story, in detail!  That is difficult, at least for me!

Not to digress, but that makes me also think about one of my most favorite person in my world, my nephew, Jay (my brother Rick's son and also Yvette's son)!  I don't see Jay that often, but everytime I do, I am amazed at what a genuine person he is, and now he is married to an equally nice wife, Holly!

Genuine people are hard to find these days.  We are bombarded with all of these "amazing" reality stars.  They're famous for what?  I'm not sure. And that is sad.

Integrity.  Caring about people.  Simple things.  That is what matters.

Let's turn to better role models for our children, for us!


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