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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss you Mom!

My Mom aka best friend passed away, suddenly in August of 2004.  Today is her birthday.  I miss her everyday. 

She called Katherine her "baby"
But I remember how much fun we had, and it makes me laugh!

We could all use a  role model like my Mom!  If you've read my blog before, you know that my Mom, Mona, came from, not such a happy childhood.

I know she's be proud of Mar,k, Katherine, and Lindsey

Did that give her an excuse to go the wrong way in life? Of course not! It made her more determined to be the most fantastic Mom (to 5 children)!

She devoted her life to us, and to that, I am grateful.

My Mom and I both had/have a good sense of humor, so when I tell you what my last words were to her, you can laugh! 

My last words were, "Oh, he was talking about the dog poop!".

So let me go back and explain!

My Mom lived in a luxury condiminum complex.  She loved the fact that she was one of the youngest! The condo was full of  "older people".  When she was sick with, what the doctor said was "just a virus", I brought my young baby's, Mark and Katherine, to see her, and brought her banana's (something she had asked for).  My older daughter, Lindsey, was in school, and Mark was probably around 2 and Katherine just 1 year old.

When we arrived at her place, I could not believe it, but there was a little dog poop near her condo door.  I told her about it, and she said one of the condo owners had a dog that was not well trained!

So, when we went back (for what would be our last visit), Mark remembered that and said something about it, but I didn't understand him.

Until we closed the door, and then I realized, and opened up the door to tell my Mom, "oh, he was talking about the dog poop!".

I think that's funny, and I know she does too!

I miss her, but I know she's okay!


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