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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Birds!

This was the best shot I could get of the baby birds that are on our air conditioning unit!  Since this picture was taken (yesterday) 2 of the 3 babies have flown from the nest!  I keep peeking in on the 3rd one, who looks quite comfortable in the nest still!  But I can only peek really quick, because the Mom is not from him and comes back to yell at me everytime!

We have central air conditioning, but our house is pretty old, and our master bedroom was an add on, and since we can't get the central air in the master bedroom and the room behind that (it's a strange set up, not sure why they built it the way they did, it's an entire other bedroom, but can only get to it from the door attached to our bedroom, but it was great as a nursery when our kids were babies, and now, my husband has turned it into an entire walk in closet for me).  Yes I digress as usual.  What was I talking about?

Oh, the baby birds.  Actually, I was leading up to heat, and how I can't handle the heat (age/woman thing), so I'm hoping baby fly's away soon, so I can turn on the air conditioning unit, but since he looks pretty comfortable, not sure when it's going to happen!

Well, he's cute, and right now I have a little fan on my nightstand to keep me alive!

I'm hoping he's not like some kind of mooch kid who will never leave home!


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