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Friday, May 13, 2011

Right Back to Work!


I've never worked so hard since I started my 3 Etsy shops!  But I've also never been happier!

I'm not saying it's always fun fun fun, it is a lot of work!  Like today, when I had an order from one customer, a large order, both from my milk glass shop and "jenscloset"!  It took all morning to gather up everything (and actually find it pretty easily), wrap it up safe & sound (since it's all fragile items), box it up, and finally get it shipped out! 

Wow, it's 2:00!  I really didn't even realize I had been working this long on this order!  I'd say it took me about 4 hours to get all of it packed up!  Six boxes of lovely vintage items!

Cute bowls-sold!
So, it's time for a break, right!? Wrong!  Time to start listing again, and hopefully have another big sale!

I rarely stop!  I will take a break in a few hours to workout at the rec center, great stress reliever!

Parfait glasses-sold!
Still available!

I hope you're doing something you love too!

Enjoy your weekend!


1 comment:

polka dot skies said...

Hi Jen,
So glad everything is going so well! I am so impressed at your ability to keep up with three shops! I always love seeing your new finds!
xoxo Elizabeth