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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm tired!  But I had fun! 

First, I did my usual Sunday morning spin class, and a little run.

Then, the real workout came!  Clothes shopping with my youngest child (Katherine), the only one still home, just about all day!  We had so much fun and we both ended up with some cute things!

Then my husband (Bob), Katherine & I went out to dinner at our favorite little Italian place, Bucci's!

Time really goes by so quick (or is it quickly?).  I swear my kids were just little teenie things!

And before I knew it, they had grown up!  How does this happen!?

This was taken last year, when Mark was a senior, Katherine was a junior, and the were off to prom, along with my oldest daughter and best bud, Lindsey!  Yes-my baby, Katherine, is taller than my oldest, Lindsey!

I can't have a Mother's Day blog without mentioning my another best friend of mine, who happens to be my Mom!  My Mom came over every afternoon to help with my two little baby's, that were so close in age (14 months apart), and we just had the best time! 

This is my Mom!  What an amazing Mom she was!  She did not come from the easiest of childhoods, and really did not have much of a role model when it came to being a Mom.  She read books, she taught herself, and she raised 5 wonderful kids (if I might say so myself).  What a devoted Mom!  She wasn't without her eccentricities!  (and I don't even know if I spelled that right) That's what made her so much fun!  This picture happens to be one I keep on my nightstand, that's why it looks a bit worn.  It's her with her at her favorite restaurants, ChiChi's, she even had her favorite waiter, Patrick, who actually came to her funeral.  I'm just saying, I would not have wanted to be her customer! She had to have her usual glasses of ice water and decaf coffee, and everything had to be just right!

My best friend, who happens to also be my Mom, passed away unexpectedly in August of 1994.  It seems like yesterday.  What got me through that was writing a journal, actually, writing letters to my Mom.  I wanted to make sure she knew I was okay, and I didn't want her to worry about me.  I knew she would.

What helps me now is just thinking of how much fun we had, laughing at the silliest of things!

She truly was the best Mom, and I'm lucky I had such a wonderful role model!

Thanks Mom, and thanks to my 3 wonderful kids!

I love you!

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