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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gifts from India

I received the most amazing box of gifts from India just now!  Thanks so much to Vanita!  Vanita is from India and has been purchasing jewelry from my Etsy shop for awhile now.  I've had so much fun wrapping up her purchases so it was like she was receiving a gift!

Come to find out, she loves to wrap too!  Vanita told me she was going to send me some things representing India, but I had no idea that she would send all of these beautiful items!

Vanita even put notes with each item explaining the meaning!

Gifts from Vanita

This first picture shows a gorgeous beaded handbag in the background.  My picture of the earrings does not do them justice!  The earrings of from the Land of Rajashan (forgive me, Vanita, if I don't spell everything correctly!).  I really love the Elephant God!  He is supposed to bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth!

fun fun!

Each of my gifts came in a beautiful cloth bag!  The wooden elephant pendant is from the South of India.  These beautiful pair of anklets Minakari (from Laipur.


Check out the ring and bracelet connectors in the background!  Again, my pictures do not do them justice!  These are typically worn at weddings and festive occasions.  The elaborate brooch on the left side is the Laipur Royal Rajasthan (sorry my spelling might not be perfect) Brooch, normally worn on turbans, but since I don't have a turban, I'll definitely find somewhere to wear it!  The pretty earrings on the right are from Delhi, Lotus earrings, and one of Vanita's favorites!

Thank you a thousand times to Vanita!!  What a thoughtful and sweet person!!

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