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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I made it!

By now you should know I'm not the craftiest of people!  That's not to say I don't try now and then! 

My Mom could do everything!  And everything she tried she perfected!  She won many blue ribbons for her knitted afghans!  She owned a needlepoint shop in the 70's called "Nasty Needles"!  She did oil paintings, decoupage, sewed outfits for us girls, and so much more!

So the talent skipped me, and went directly to my daughters, Katherine and Lindsey!  Katherine creates the most amazing handmade greeting cards!  She's also made the cutest duct tape handbags, and actually had an Etsy shop called "Inspired Bags" when she was about 10! 

My older daughter Lindsey is amazing!  She truly has all of my Mom's talents!  She started making jewelry when she was quite young, can't remember the exact age she started selling directly to a couple of local shops!  We then did jewelry parties, which really was a fun way to make good money!  She has a fashion design degree, and can create the most gorgeous outfits! 

Then there's me! I can do basic stuff, sewing, and I've done a bit of knitting, crocheting, etc., but nothing that I perfected!

So that is why I love my "Jenny's crappy craft" segment!

But I must say, I do love these pretty cake stands!  So easy to make using a lovely vintage plate and a brass or crystal candleholder as a base!  Just get some special glass glue and you've created something like mine!

I kind of got inspired again, since I just sold one in my china shop!
and here's the one I made yesterday-let it dry overnight!

There's a more secure way of making these, which involves a drill-not going to happen for me!  I'll stick with glue!


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