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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Write It Down!

It's that time of year again (yes I'm trying out a new, larger font!)!  Time to make those New Year's Resolutions!

One of the best ways to stick with your resolutions is to write them down, and then tell your friends about them, and/or blog about it!

That will give you a little more motivation to stick with it!

The first 3-4 weeks are crazy busy at our recreation center, and then slowly, we loose most of the people that started out with such good intentions (I bet they didn't write down their resolutions!)

So what are my resolutions? Good question!  I'm still thinking about it!

I have a few that come to mind and will post more before the end of the year!  Here's a few to start with:

1. I want to increase my sales on Etsy, and make more money in 2012!
2. I will start working on my 2 year goal of moving to Savannah GA!
3. I will organize my shop stuff so that my house doesn't look so much like a warehouse!
4. I will think of more resolutions soon!

So that's a start!  What are your resolutions?

Happy New Year!! Cheers!


1 comment:

Devadeva Mirel said...

hi jen. i just started selling on etsy. you are my freaking etsy idol! and i ADORE savannah!!! i wish i owned a shop that was some kind of cross between fishs eddy + paris market. ahhhh, a girl can dream.