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Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

Finally got a "breather" so I thought I'd ramble on my blog for a few minutes!

But I have to sit here and sit a second to decide what I want to chat about! 

The obvious would be Christmas, so I'll go with that!

So, yeah, it's Christmas time! The question everyone asks "have you got all your Christmas shopping done?"  Not a chance!  Bought some things for my daughter Lindsey, and that's about it!

My husband, Bob, is easy to buy for.  He just wants beer!

My other daughter, Katherine, may want a crazy pair of shoes (I guess it's some great shoe designer).  So I'm still waiting to hear exactly what she wants.

My son Mark, well, his b-day was 12/9 and he bought a computer, which was his combined birthday and Christmas gift.

So I guess that's it, not too bad.  I'll scramble at the last minute!  Oh...I did get my grandpuppy, Cosmo some stuff!!  And I always wrap up some fresh bacon and let him hunt under the tree for it!  It's so funny!! (He's small, so it's not like he's gonna wreck anything.)

So that's my quick Christmas ramble!

Now I need to get to listing some stuff in my shops and keep the sales going (hopefully).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  and..one more thing! Don't forget, for the person on your list who "has everything", it means he/she doesn't NEED anything else.  Think about the people that truly need basics, like food, clothing, etc.  Donate to a charity in that persons name!  That's a good gift!!


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