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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jenny's Crappy Craft Segment

If you read my blog (well first of all, thanks!), you'll know I am definitely "craft challenged".  I do try, but it usually just looks like a crappy craft!

And why is my font so small? I don't even know how to fix this.

I love to gift wrap!

But I do love to gift wrap and offer free gift wrapping in all 3 of my Etsy shops!  I'm actually thinking of charging a small extra fee for this service, as I've had more buyers using this service, and all these little extra's do cost $$$!

I like my crappy craft!

So this what a gift from one of my Etsy shops looks like when it gets sent out!  I will then send a separate thank you letter to the buyer.

I would hand write the card, but my handwriting is horrible!  So I type up the personalized note, add a coordinating piece of stock paper, hole punch it, and add a cute brad (this one happens to be a festive Martha Stewart brad!).

So there you have it, Jenny's crappy craft!!

Happy Crafting!


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