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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twitter's Down

Random advertising these cute Pyrex bowls listed in my shop!

If you read my blog, well first of all, thank you!  You know I love twitter!  You may also know, when twitter is down, I usually have to blog about it!  It's my way of staying connected with my twitter friends when I can't chat with them on twitter!

So since twitter is down, I guess I'll do some random chat here!

More random advertising

I had some great ideas for stuff to talk about on my blog, but I can't remember what they were!

I will tell you about our New Year's Eve tradition.  It's crazy and kooky, like us!  We've been playing this 80's electronic game called "Mall Madness" since my older daughter, Lindsey, was little!  The object is to buy a certain amount of items in the mall, and be the first out of there. 

Well you would think I would win at that, since I've been know for my addiction to shopping (which I am proud to say I have curbed)!  Nope!  My husband Bob has one most years.  My son Mark comes in 2nd, and even my Dad joined in on our fun one year, and he won!

So I guess it's a guy's thing!  There object is to hurry up out of the mall, where as most women usually like to linger awhile!

So that's my random chat while Twitter is down, I'm hoping when I go to check on Twitter now, it will be up!

If not...I will be posting again!  I have a lot to say, if I could only remember!

Stay safe-Happy New Year!