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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Ready!

Ready for packing and shipping, that is!

Not quite as ready for Christmas in my house! I have actually managed to put a wreath on the door.  Oh, and my husband put up the lights outside last week, and I finally got a chance to see them when I was pulling into our driveway a couple of nights ago.  Boy, did I have a good laugh!  I'm sure everyone that drives by does too!  Picture this, the lights above the garage have a row of them that are out, then the lights on the bushes are white, but different whites (it's more obvious than it sounds), and the lights around the door, are really weird (and hard to explain, just believe me)!

So I had to tell my husband, in a nice way, of course, that the lights are too awful to turn on!!  But of course, he had to turn them on last night!


Just thought I'd throw this random Fenton milk glass hobnail basket in the middle of my blog, that's my smart marketing technique!

Anwyays, so where was I?  Oh, the lights!  Well, if my husband insists on turning on the lights everynight, so be it!  I'll want to drive by my house more often for a good laugh!

Royal Albert

Think of these pictures as annoying commercials come on at random times!

Oh, and my title was about packing and shipping! Yes, I have everything ready for a busy time of year for me, and all of you that have an online shop!  I have a good supply of all my packing stuff!  Last week I went to Office Max to get something, can't remember what it was, but it doesn't matter, I got lucky (yeah, this is what I call getting lucky these days)!  There was this huge stack of large bubble wrap and the sign said $3.99 each).  That couldn't be right, because it's usually like $30 each.  Sure enough, it was right!  I filled my cart up twice and bought it all.

Whoops, forgot, I have a small car! Silly me!  So called Bob (he's my maintenance man aka husband), and he was sweet enough to run up with his old minivan (which is really worth a lot of money, since everytime he takes it to the car place Bob spends at least $1000 to get it fixed)!!

Not sure why I'm rambling so much! Maybe I'm just freaking out because I haven't started Christmas shopping!

So Happy Wednesday!!!


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