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Saturday, April 30, 2011

What are the Chances!?

Okay, so I was at antique shop a few years ago, and I saw a basket of old photographs, and decided to look through them.  I always find them so interesting, and wonder about the people in them.

But one picture jumped right out at me!  It was handsome Gary, I guy I worked with like 20 years ago!  He lives in the same town as us and his kids go to the same school my kids do/have, so I see him occassionally, but we haven't really had time to chat much.

When I found this picture I tried to do some research on Gary's family, to see if it was actually a member of Gary's family.  After trying for awhile, I didn't come up with too much, but I still knew he had to be related to Gary, I swear, it looks just like Gary!

So today, I went for my usual Saturday spin class, but the instructor never showed up, so I decided to workout on my own in the gym.  Guess who showed up there!?  Yep! Handsome Gary!  So we talked for awhile and caught up on stuff, and then I told him about the picture! Sure enough, his grandfather was from Sandusky, but I think he said he didn't know much about him.

I'm going to carry this picture with me so the next time I see Gary I can show it to him.  Maybe I can even get a picture of the Gary I know so I can show you just what I mean!

So what are the chances of this happening!?

Enjoy your weekend!


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Leslie Hanna said...

Small world! That is so neat!