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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Love Barbies!

I loved playing with Barbies as a child!  I had quite a collection, that is, until my Mom sold them all when she moved from our house to a condo!  I didn't figure it out until a few years after she had sold them.  That is when I started becoming obsessed with vintage Barbies!  Several years ago, my daughter, Lindsey and I, pretty much had a pasttime of buying vintage Barbies and Barbie clothes! Lindsey ended up with quite a collection, which is stored somewhere in our house right now!

I managed to dig up some of the collection and had put pictures up on Flickr awhile ago.  You can find them at www.flickr.com/jenscloset.

I happened to be at ToysRUs about a week ago (hadn't been in there in such a long time since my kids are older now).  I was there to find a gift for my nephew Bobby, but I just had to check out the Barbies!  I'm so excited, they have a new collection of reproduction Barbies!  So, how could I resist!?  I had to buy this 1964 Ponytail Barbie!  Check out that adorable pink dress (I think I had that one)!

I also have this cute 35th Anniversary 1963 Midge set, and I KNOW I had that dress when I was little! It was one of my favorites!

The cute black Barbie case and Allan box (it's just the box) are the real deal, vintage!  Those are Lindsey's.

Since Lindsey was recently engaged, I thought I'd bring out the pretty repro Barbie the Bride! 

This is really just a tiny percent of our collection. Someday I'll get it all out and play with it!

My birthday is in May, and I'm hoping for another reproduction Barbie!

Have fun-don't forget to play!


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