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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Count Down to 2000!

I'm so excited!  4 more sales to go in my Etsy shop, until I hit 2000 sales!

I absolutely love running my 3 Etsy shop, Jenscloset (I don't like the name, but I'm stuck with it), was my first!

I've learned so much since 2008! 

I'm forever tweaking my photography, I know that's a must for a good shop!  I still don't get on the Etsy front page treasury too often, so I guess I still need to work on that!

Shipping has been another challenge; not so much the packing of fragile items, but getting an accurate shipping quote, so I'm not loosing money.  I learned the hard way on several occassions through the years.  I've learned to quote for the farthest distances from my zip, and always refund shipping if it does come out to be less.

My last blog was about customer service.  I've always been a stickler for good-no....excellent customer service!  I expect it when I'm purchasing anything, and so I try my hardest to give the best customer service!

Of course, describing the item you're selling is important too!  I do find myself using the same words way too often, such as "lovely", "beautiful", and "elegant".  Guess I need to work on that a bit!

I love every aspect of running my Etsy shops. 

If you know me, you know I love to talk!  That's a good thing, since marketing your shop is so imporant too!  I began twitter as a way to market my shops, but I've gained a bunch of friends from it!  I try not too post my listings too often, that would be considered spam!

I have this blog, plus my "beauty" blog.  Check it out as http://www.fabfortyandbeyond.blogspot.com/ -I'm going to be updating it with a blog about my new favorite mascara!

A lot of research goes into running vintage shops.  I am always learning more, and have my favorite vintage friends (not that I'm calling them old), that help me out from time to time when I'm stumped on a particular item.  I borrow books from the library, and when I find a favorite one, I'll buy it on amazon.com.  Some of my favorites are my milk glass books, and a porcelain marking book.  You can find so much information on the internet as well!

I would say the only negative to my shops, is the storage!  I am forever feeling guilty that our house is now more of a "warehouse" than a home!  Oh, and that brings me to another point!  I have come up with a few ideas for storage and organizing.  I will number a box, and when I list an item, I put that number on the listing, so when I sell it, I can go straight for that box.  I also keep a excel spreadsheet to cross reference. Okay, so that was actually my daughter, Lindsey's idea!

I also have a ton of shelves (thanks to my husband, Bob).  They're even in my living room now!

So, here's to my 2000 sales!!  I wish everyone success!


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