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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Bobby!

I cherish my nephew, Bobby!  I cannot believe he turned 14 today!  I hope he knows he always has my unconditional love.  So does his Mom, my sister (and yes, she's younger, as she loves to point out), Susan!

How cute!

I've wanted to write a blog about Bobby's Dad for quite awhile now.  I thought this was the perfect day!

His name was Steve.  Not only was he so darn cute, but he had such diverse talents!  This guy could take apart a computer in minutes, and put it back together in seconds!  How could that same guy also know how to sew!?  Yes, I said sew!

Steve loved the sweets!

What I remember most fondly about Steve was his warm, genuine hug, everytime we got together!  And that smile, wow!

Steve and Bobby!

I still feel his presence, his warm, sweet presence.

It's true, even if someone you love his gone, physically, they're still in your heart.

One of our summer get togethers

That cannot be taken away.

Younger Steve-so sweet and innocent!

Bobby, I knew you realize what an amazing Dad you had!  I hope I can help to keep the memories of him alive for you!

You are sweet, thoughtful, and intelligent, just like your Dad!  I know he is so proud of you!

I am too!


Aunt Jennifer,

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