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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Estate Sales

Old Harper's Magazines!

I love estate sales!  I have my favorite liquidators that send me emails whenever they have estate sales! Plus, one of the elderly gentleman that helps with the estate sales, Charlie (adorable), is now a friend of mine, and he'll call me when he knows there will be things I like at the upcoming estate sales, or if there are things that didn't sell, he'll let me know about those too!

I love old books and magazines!  These Harper's Magazines caught my eye right away!  Two of them are from 1913 and the other is from 1922!

LOVE this Tiffany advertisement!

The advertisements alone are so fun to look at, like this Tiffany and Co. ad! 

Some products stand the test of time-Grape-Nuts!

These magazines have a ton of advertisements for colleges, summer schools, and my favorite: "The Garland School of Homemaking"!

I need this one!

This one is my favorite! "Thinkers-men and women who achieve by brains-make the heaviest demands upon their nervous vitality.  And it is significant that these leaders in the arts and professions find in Sanatogen a means to successfully combat nervous exhaustion".  What!?

Automobile Ads

I'm surprised at the cost of some of the cars back in the day!  $4500 to $5950 for the "C-Six" seven passenger motor-car!

There was actually a huge box of these magazines, but I just grabbed these three.  Shortly after I picked these out, a guy bought the entire box of magazines (he was eyeing mine too!).

Happy vintage shopping!


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Andi said...

what a great find; these old mags are little treasure troves! and aren't you lucky to have someone on the "inside" to give you the scoop on upcoming sales! :-)