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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Personalized Embosser

These days my favorite gifts usually are things I can use in my Etsy shops!  My husband always knows to buy me bubble wrap for all ocassions (yes, you heard me right!).

Check out the cute personalized embosser my daughter, Lindsey, bought me for Christmas!  I love it! 

Great way to say thank you!

Lindsey also bought these cute tags for me to use!  These look so cute on top of packages I ship out!  You can find the embosser and tags at http://www.williamssonoma.com/ (love that place!).

Another cute thank you!

My other daughter, Katherine, bought me these cute gold Thank You stickers!  I love to package my orders so you feel like you're receiving a gift!

So forget the diamonds and other luxuries (except for chocolate)!  I would much rather receive fun stuff for my Etsy shops!

Happy Packing!


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