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Monday, October 10, 2011

Where am I!?

It's been almost a week since my last post! 

I'm going to blame it all on my daughter Katherine!  She left for college a bit ago, and I got to work cleaning her room almost right away!  I had her permission!  She had requested that I not put any of my shop stuff in her room (since these days no room is safe, except for the bathrooms).  I am so proud of how her room now looks, I know she will love it!

But that started me wanted to clean and organize more.  I know I've said it before, my house is become a "hoarder house" (blame that on my 3 Etsy shops)!  So then I went to work on my son, Mark's room.

I've been non-stop every since!  My poor husband, Bob, has been bagging and boxing up unwanted clothes (I sure wasted a lot of money on clothes I either never wore, or rarely wore).  Tomorrow is garbage day, which is good, because after that, I will be started on the basement (oh what a challenge that will be!).

I'll be sure to post some pictures soon!  Hope I've motivated a few of you!


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