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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Just About The Thrift Shop

My sister Susan (yes she's 5 years younger than me), took me on a little road trip yesterday!


Susan found this thrift store near where her son (my cute nephew Bobby) goes to school!  She's bought a few things for me there, and I finally got a chance to go with her to check it out!  It was a crazy, wild, disorganized place, so I loved it!  Kind of reminds me of my house!  I found some beautiful milk glass, so I was happy!

Bobby's school/St Ignatius

Then I finally had a chance to check out Bobby's school!  He's a freshman at St. Ignatius, and he loves it!  It reminds me of a mini-college town, so cute!

Susan had told Bobby that she would be bringing a surprise guest when she picked him up from school.  Well, that's just wrong, because he was trying to guess, and he was guessing way cooler people than me, so I hope he wasn't disappointed!

My adorable nephew Bobby

Okay, Bobby usually has his eyes open, but both pictures came out with his eyes closed.  He's a sweetie, and he looks just like his Dad, Steve!

Beautiful old buildings!

So, the day was only partially about the new thrift shop!  The highlight was seeing Bobby and his new school, I'm so proud of him!

Thanks Susan!


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