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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surprise Wedding Shower

Lindsey and Katherine

What a fun weekend we had!  Thanks must go to Thomas first, because within just a few short days, he had planned a surprise wedding shower for his fiance (my lovely daughter), Lindsey!  Since his sister, Cordelia (hope I spelled that right) as in town this weekend to shop for bridesmaids dresses, he thought this would be a great idea!

Lindsey with the traditional bouquet made of ribbons!

A big thanks to Thomas's (I don't know where the apostrophe goes so you can let me know!), Mom (Rosemary) and sister!  After shopping for bridesmaids dresses, they can home to prepare a lovely table of treats, and welcomed us into their beautiful home!

Pretty bridal tissue paper

So I've come up with this great idea!  You all know how crafty I am (NOT)!  But I'm going to try to make a wedding scrapbook for Lindsey!  Starting with some of the ribbons and wrapping paper from her shower!

Cute handmade napkin rings

My inspiration came from this cute handmade floral napkin ring from the wedding shower!

Some of the wrapping paper I used from Target

I will even include some of this pretty wrapping paper I used from Target (I love that store!)!

Hopefully soon I will post the first few pages of my scrapbook!  I know everyone looks forward to "Jenny's crappy craft" segment!

I welcome ideas from everyone!



LindseyMarcella said...

so cute! thanks again!!

Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic said...

I think she's got a keeper in Thomas!
And I'm sure she will love her scrapbook -- I think that's a lovely idea to include decorations and bits of wrapping paper from her showers. What a wonderful memory!

littlehaamster said...

i've loved your blog:) now following you:)