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Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Diet Mac & Cheese

"In moderation" Mac & Cheese

Okay, you don't want to eat like this all the time, but my mac and cheese is so good! 

I'll tell you how I make mine.  You can "tweak" yours my adding low fat milk, low fat cheese, etc.

I start by melting 2-3 T of butter.  I then add a couple of tablespoons of flour.  Cook it for at least a minute, on low heat, stirring the entire time.

Then add slightly warmed cream, at least 3 cups, and some regular milk, maybe another 2 cups.

At this same time, you should be boiling your noodles.

Stir the cream mixture and heat at a medium high heat, until it starts to become somewhat thick.  I like a creamy mac and cheese, so I don't make it too thick.

Then add cheese~ I did something a little different this time, and not only added cheddar cheese, but also fontina, and mascarpone~!  Oh, almost forgot, before adding the cheese, add just a dash of mustard powder and a dash of nutmeg (not too much~).

Stir the cheese in. 

Hopefully by now the pasta is done.  It can be slightly al dente since you'll be cooking the mac in cheese in the often.

Strain the pasta, add the cheese sauce, stir. Oh..and sometimes I even add a can of chopped tomatoes in the cheese sauce, since my husband loves tomatoes!

I use a shallow long casserole dish and spread a thin layer of butter to prevent sticking (and because I love butter).


Spread a layer of the mixture in the casserole.  Then add a cracker/butter mixture (by crumbling saltine crackers, and mixing in melted butter) (I told you this was not a diet mac and cheese).  Spread a layer of that on the layer of mac and cheese you just spread down.  Then add the rest of the mixture.

Add more of the cracker mix and why not a bit more cheddar cheese on top of that!?

Cook at 350 for about 20 minutes without a cover, another 10 with a foil over it.  The bubbly sound will make you hungry, plus the smell of all that goodness!

And believe it or not, my cholesterol is low, mainly because I do not eat like this all the time (just most of the time) :)

My next recipe will be a super low fat tilipia dinner, that is quick and so easy!


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Nancy said...

I've mad & eaten a very similar recipe, and it is soo, so very good.