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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-sale Estate Sale Just for Moi!!

Milk Glass!

I'm still not down from my estate-sale-high!  Imagine you're own private pre-sale estate sale!

Yes, it happened to me today!  One of my favorite liquidators has a darling elderly gentleman, Charlie, that helps out at the sales and knows I love milk glass, so he called me and said he had a table of milk glass I might like!

More Milk Glass, Italian Pottery, Lace, and so much more!

Oh if only I had unlimited income and a place to store everything,  I would have bought more!  But I think I bought enough!  A couple of boxes of milk glass, this pretty Italian pottery cake stand, a box of gorgeous lace, and even some cobalt blue handblown plates!

A sampling of the WH Grindley china I bought!

I've been going to the "Granny's Estates" sales for at least 3 years now, but it wasn't until about a year ago that I realized Charlie knew my husband and my son, Mark!  They've been attending the Cleveland State basketball games for years now, and so has Charlie and his wife Irene (who I have met too, a lovely lady).  Their seats were close to each other, and so they've known each for quite awhile! 

It wasn't until I heard Charlie talking about the Cleveland State games that we figured this out!

Small world! 

Anways..it was fun! One of the other guys, Brian, took me upstairs to check out another room full of cool stuff!  The owner, Al, took me to the basement where, yes, even more cool stuff!

So I was a kid in a candy store today!  What fun!!


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