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Friday, February 3, 2012

Library Book Sale

Vntage Gardening Books

I love our local library, and love it even more when they have their annual book sale!  Tables and tables of fun books, and of course my eye goes right for the vintage ones!  These gardening books remind me of my sister, Susan, since she loves to garden, and has created her own amazing garden!

This cute Paris book is pink!

This cute vintage "The Paris We Love" books is one of my favorites, one reason, it reminds me of my daughter's, Katherine and Lindsey, who have both been to France, and are pretty darn good at speaking french!  The other reason is the book is pink!

It's Pink!

I didn't really see a lot of vintage cooking books though.  I love looking through those and spotting vintage bakeware that I actually sell in my Etsy shop!

Old Classics

Tomorrow is the last day of the sale, so it will be a bag sale!  Whatever you can fit in a bag (can't remember the cost).  If I have time I just might have to go back!

Love old history books!

I love the "Historic Buildings of Massachusetts!  As a child, I spent every summer in Worcester, Massachusetts, where my grandparents lived (and my Dad grew up in the house!)!

I have a passion for vintage books! 

Get out to your local library book sale, or even check out Half Price Books Store, they have some great old books!


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