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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monday Monday

Time to fire my office manager!

Monday I had a ton of orders to pack, and that means lots of bubble wrap!  So, I went out to my supply office, aka garage, to get my wonderful bubble wrap.

What? No bubble wrap at all!?  How could that be!  I was furious that my office manager would make such a blunder!

I was really ready to tell her off.

Then I realized, I'm the office manager!

Yep! It was all my fault!  I confess!  I'm the marketing director, office manager, merchandise supplier, photographer, public relations director, and more!

I love it!  Even the bumps in the road!

Everytime I look out my window (we live on a busy street) around 5:00 pm, and see all the traffic from people trying to get home from their 8-5 jobs, I am even more thankful!  I make my own hours, but that doesn't mean I'm a slacker!  I'm sure I work harder than I ever have!  And I'm also sure I've never been happier!

So I'll try not to be so hard on my office manager, usually she does a pretty good job!!


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Tiffany Grey said...

omg! love ur posts. maybe she needs a raise.