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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will start off my Thanksgiving with my 3rd annual 5k, Turkey Run, in Avon, Ohio!  It's a great run through a gorgeous development!  There's always people that come out of their houses to cheer us on as we run by!

I had a little fall a few weeks back, so we'll see how it goes!  I've been coming in 2nd in my age category (a very old age category!!), and my goal is to be 1st, but not feeling to confident at this point!  But that's okay, it will be fun!  I think I've even recruited one of my spinning friends to run!  This would be her first 5k and she's a bit nervous.  I call her a "butt doctor" (not to her face), she's actually a proctologist!

My brother Steve, and his two sons, Michael and Tom will also be running.  They're all amazing runners.  I think my nephew Michael, may have finally broken a high school running record that Steve had!

Then we'll have Thanksgiving here!  I cooked a turkey breast last year that turned out great!  (A bone-in turkey breast), and I'll have some other traditional sides.  My daughter, Katherine, will be home from college, and she's a vegetarian, so I'll probably make her favorite veggie soup, and maybe get some ingredients for a veggie wrap too!

My mother-in-law, Grace, will be here, and my sister Susan, and her darling son, Bobby!  My oldest daughter will be hosting Thanksgiving at her new home in Columbus with her fiance and in-laws-to-be.  We were invited, but since I'm running in the 5k that won't work out!

So whatever you're doing for Thanksgiving, enjoy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


My son Mark is going to college locally, and living at home, so he'll be here!!

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