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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Love the Ads in Old Magazines!

I love the advertisements in the old magazines!  I just found these two 1953 Life magazines at an estate sale, and couldn't wait to go through them!  Both feature the queen on the front (she was beautiful)!

Queen Elizabeth Benediction

We've come along way (as you can see from this crazy "inflation bra".  This looks like it has some sort of satellite feature! I'm guessing your tv would get a better reception!

Really? Inflation Bra!?

Love this retro Franciscan Wheat set!

I'd love to find some of these pieces!

Then there was the glamour of smoking!! Such as Lucille Ball!!

Can't believe I used to smoke-ick!

This couple is so cute!! Jantzen ad!

Adorable couple!

My favorite magazines to collect are the ones featuring the Kennedy's, especially Jacqueline!  I'll have to feature my collection one of these days!

Happy Monday!


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Adele Bee Ann said...

I couldn't agree more. Wouldn't mind an inflatable bra today ;)