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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I haven't forgotten that I promised a post on filling out the larger Customs form!  I'll try to get that on my next post.

Right now I wanted to let you know I sent a UPS box to my daughter (she had a wish list of things she wanted from my shop http://www.jenscloset.com/ -in case you didn't know my shop name)!  So I thought I'd pack up a few things for her and ship via UPS to see how it goes!

I've heard from a few Etsy vintage shops that they've found that UPS shipping can be cheaper, so I wanted to test it for myself.

I just opened an UPS account, and then entered the shipping information to Lindsey's address.  Of course I have my own handy dandy USPS scale to weigh my packages.  It was super easy to print my label online.

I dropped it off at my local UPS store, I'm know I can also have UPS come to my house and pick up the package.

Now to see how long it takes, and how the box and the items look after making their journey!  It isn't a long journey, from Cleveland to Columbus!

In this case, it would have actually been cheaper to ship via USPS priority mail.  I think if I'm shipping somewhere farther away, like TX or CA, UPS might work out to be a better deal.

So that's what's happening today!  Oh-on a different note!  I just had my nails done-the Shellac process!  I did it 2 weeks ago and was very happy with it.  With all the cleaning I do on my vintage items, it stood up well, and no chips on the nail polish!

I'll keep you informed on the UPS saga!

Best wishes!


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