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Friday, March 11, 2011

International Shipping Form

International Priority Customs Form
Form #2976-A

Shipping overseas is not difficult at all!

I explained earlier how anything under 4 lbs can ship 1st class international.  You can get shippng cost  information for a particular country at http://www.usps.com/ .

Anything weighing over 4 lbs has to ship priority mail, which can really bring the cost up!  When I'm listing an item and know that it will weigh close to 4 lbs, I will add a note in the description for the international customer to contact me with their country information so I can get an accurate shipping cost for them.  If it is well under 4 lbs, I will add the shipping cost for Canada, and then click the "Everywhere Else" shipping and add the cost (I usually use Australia, since I know there's is one of the highest).

If you are shipping international priority, you will need the large customs form (#2976-A). To order a quantity of these, just go to http://www.usps.com/ (you'll need to register an account) , there will be a place to order this form, as well as other items, such as priority mail boxes, all for free!

The form is pretty easy to fill out (if I can do it, anyone can!).

#1 Enter your name info
#2 Enter your address info
#3 Enter the recipient's name info
#4 Enter the recipient's address info (this can be tricky since some of the international addresses can be crazy!)
#5 Detailed description, the quantity, weight, and the value.
On the left, below the description info, is a place to check "merchandise".
Below that is a place to enter "EEL" or "PFC".  I always add the EEL, since my items are under $2500.
#6 Sign and date
On the bottom right is a place to check-this is important: I always check "return to sender" if non deliverable.
There's some other stuff about insurance info on top right, I haven't used that .  With international priority mail, your package will automatically be insured for an amount (can't recall what it is right now-maybe $80).

That's it!  Take it to the post office, hand it to the clerk, they'll do the rest (well, except you have to pay for it)!

Try it-it's easy!

Happy Shipping!


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